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11 Feb 2009

Why Your "Cutting Edge" Cell Phone Isn't

While cell phone technology in the U.S. provides us with an array of amazing features and services, in actuality, cell phone use and features are far more advanced in other parts of the world. Could cell phone plans in other countries even be called better?

Plans available in other countries include:

-Free incoming calls on cell phones

-Ability to use phones on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means no bills or contracts to contend with

-Receiving calls when there is no credit available on the phone

-Very reliable coverage

-Ability to make calls just about anywhere at anytime

But that’s only the beginning.

Cell Phones Internationally! On average, people abroad look to their cell phone as a source of new innovations. Cell phones abroad tend to be enjoyed and appreciated far more than in the U.S. Internationals love their cell phones and see them as an important accessory whereas here in the U.S. people see their cell phones as a necessary evil. Because so many people abroad already own cell phones and love them, international companies are constantly working towards adding on more interesting functions and features so as to influence users to switch to other models.

Exciting Features & Functions! As everyone already knows, Japan holds the title for the world’s most advanced cell phone technology. Some cell phone carriers in Japan are offering their customers the ability to:

-Watch TV on their cell phones.

-Use their phones to expedite check-in activities at some Japanese and European airports. A few airports are experimenting with systems that allow passengers to check in at departure gates by identifying themselves with a cell phone.

-Access a pocket PC and a Windows operating system, Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook as well as a camera in combination with their cell phones.

-Buy waterproof phones for use in the shower.

Just imagine how cool it is to manage everything with one small phone, which means never having to carry credit cards or cash around. And with just one small instrument, users can take care of a multitude of details.

Other Interesting Features! Cell phones all over the world are rising to meet the demands of everyday life. Take a look at the latest cell phone technology from all around the world:

-Some cell phones internationally incorporate phrases in English, Chinese and Korean and allow users to conduct business activities such as booking a hotel when traveling out of the country.

-Many new models now offer a function that uses a global positioning satellite which determines the exact location of the user along with a map of the area. Great for meeting up with people when the location is unfamiliar!

-For those who want to have a cell phone within easy access, a wristwatch-shaped PHS, (Personal Handphone System) is available and turns into a regular phone with the mere click of a button.

-Motorola designers are trying to cultivate phones that read a user’s emotions.

-Samsung recently announced the SPH-B5800 in Korea, which provides traffic details like “cleared,” “sluggish”, or “congested” that refresh every five minutes. The model supports the ‘Transport Protocol Experts Group.’ Information about local restaurants and useful travel guides is also offered.

The Race to Innovate Just when you think there’s no possible way to get anything else into a cell phone, new technology comes along and adds something innovative to the cell phone scene. Today, a cell phone in other countries is no longer just a phone, but more of a multi-purpose apparatus that allows for the paying of bills, making travel arrangements, checking on weather and traffic, playing games, using as a computer, taking pictures, text messaging, and conducting business.

All in all, while cell phone use in the United States is excellent, when compared with Japan, South Korea and European countries, the US still lags behind. And as new technologies race to innovate, you can expect an even greater quantum leap when it comes to cell phones. Most likely those leaps and innovations will probably happen first in other parts of the world.

Robin Meyer is Web Manager of Your Wireless Source, a company that specializes in portable wireless products and accessories including Motorola and Samsung phone accessories. Visit them online today at or contact them at 1-866-837-7265 to learn more.

by:Robin Meyer

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