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17 Feb 2009

How to Watch TV on Your Blackberry Phone

Watch TV on your Blackberry Smart phone. Yes that's correct!

American Company Sling Media have now rolled out the ability to watch TV on your Handheld Blackberry Device. News was released at this years Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. Blackberry users can now watch their TV on the go and anywhere in the world.

You might have heard of the Slingbox by Sling Media. The technology transmits a signal from you home television to your high speed broadband service. This will allow you to receive TV on your Blackberry, anywhere there is a broadband connection. Its been around since 2005, however the ability for it to be used with your Blackberry device has just come on to the market.

By downloading and installing the firms software called SlingPlayer onto your Blackberry, you will never miss watching your favorite TV program again. The software also allows you to control the Slingbox from wherever you are in the world. So if you forgot to set the timer to record Friday night football and you live in New York, but have flown to London for the weekend, well just use your Blackberry as a remote to record it back home, or better yet watch it there and then in hands.

This is very exciting news for all Blackberry users. This is because not only do the phones come fully equipped with email, web, multimedia and phone capabilities, they now allow you to be able to watch your TV whilst at the beach or in the park.

To read up on how you can watch TV via your Blackberry visit:

by : John_Domenico

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